What is iSCAN about? What sources do they have in order to teach conflict management techniques? Are human being destined to use violence to solve their problems? How is it understood the combination of UN violence allowance and peace objectives? We will find out these and other interesting questions in this new episode with the participation of iSCAN.

  • @BBatware: Billy Batware is the Co-founder of RAUN. He is a Programme Officer at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) where he is responsible for transnational organized crime projects. He is also the Founder of United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF) whose flagship project is Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA) and Founder of International Security and Conflict Analysis Network (iSCAN). Billy is visiting lecturer of international conflicts and development, a certified trainer in international security, a certified leadership coach, and a regular speaker at international conferences and events. He has a BA in Diplomatic Studies and an MA in International Security Studies. In his spare time, Billy works to educate and empower young people and advocates for better human rights, equitable development, and awareness about sustainable development.
  • Fotini Zarogianni (@iSCAN_intl): Fotini Zarogianni is a Graduate student and Candidate for a Master of Advanced International Studies in the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (Austria), while she also holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). She further serves as the President of the Society of International Security of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.
  • @luisvalerdelportillo: Fundador y editor principal de GEOPOL 21. Especializado en seguridad y defensa de Europa y su vecindad.
  • @andresglezmontero: Analista Colaborador del área de Europa y Director del Podcast de GEOPOL 21. Graduado en Relaciones Internacionales por la URJC.